This Wildcrafted Chaga is handpicked and harvested from wild birch trees in pristine forests in pristine mountains. Renowned as the ‘King of Mushrooms’ (for women too) we invite you to enjoy one of nature's most powerful super foods! ENRICHED Wild Chaga is of exceptional quality and ethically picked at the right times in the season. To maintain the health of the tree.

Why Drink Chaga: 

  • Immune Support
  • A Potent Antioxidant
  • Anti Viral Potential

ENRICHD Chaga extract is better because: 

  • Wildcrafted Chaga
  • Mature trees for potency and to respect the trees
  • Dual Extract for potency
  • Heavy metal testing on every batch
  • Ancient wisdom applied during the extraction process

How to drink Chaga: Add 1/4 to 1 teaspoon of this Chaga Extract powder to hot water, coffee or even make yourself a delicious hot choc Chaga elixir by combining it with your favourite milk, maple syrup and perhaps a pinch of pink salt.

MEDICAL NOTES: One should be aware of taking Chaga in conjunction with immune-suppressing medicines, the effects of which Chaga may negate. Additionally, consuming Chaga mushroom in combination with blood-thinning medications may magnify their effects. Chaga may also interact with diabetes medications, which may cause blood sugar levels to fall too low. Some sources also warn about high levels oxalates in Chaga - and that if someone has existing kidney issues should speak with their doctor.


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