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Hagi-yaki Teacup Set by Tenryu Kiln

This beautiful purple ombre teacup set is made in Japan by Tenryu Kiln.

One of the cups is slightly larger than the other, a characteristic often found in pairs of Japanese cups or chopsticks.

The cups have the characteristic hagi ware cut foot. This style of ceramic was originally brought over to Japan from Korean in the 1600s.

These bowls are Hagi pottery, fired in Yamaguchi prefecture. The characteristic of Hagi ware is that the pieces are slightly porous. Known as Hagi no nanabake (Hagi's Seven Changes) The ceramic is said to take on seven changes of colour and tone.  After you use a piece for a long time, stains from the foods penetrate into minute cracks on the surface, slightly changing the appearance.

  • Made in Japan
  • All pieces are handmade and individual so may differ slightly from the image.
  • NOT Dishwasher safe



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