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Bamboo Matcha Whisk made by Suikaen Takayama Chasen.

Whisks for making the perfect matcha tea from Suikaen.

The "Ryo" whisk comes with a pale yellow, green and blue knitted thread.

The chasen has more than 530 years of history and this family have been continuously making Chasen for over 500 years. The current family head is the 25th generation to make these whisks in the same way that his ancestors did. The tools and techniques that are used today are the same as 500 years ago.
These Chasen are made without the use of chemicals and are made in and from 100% Japanese materials.

It takes two to three years to prepare the raw bamboo before making the whisks:

  • 3 year old Hachiku(淡竹: Henon bamboo) is cut during the winter season. The cut bamboo is boiled to remove any oils.
  • The bamboo is then left to dry with the cold winter wind for 1 to 2 months(Jan~Feb). After the bamboo is dried it is let to sit in storage for 2 to 3 years allowing it to season and completely dry out. - Leaving the bamboo to dry this long increases its flexibility and durability.
  • Then after 2 to 3 years, the bamboo is cut to start the Chasen making processes as below.

Chasen Making Process:

  1. 片木(Hegi): peel one-third of the bamboo skin and divide it into 16 equal parts. Then separate the skin and endodermis in each of the parts, cut out the endodermis.
  2.  小割(Kowari): divide 1 mm divided into 0.4mm and 0.6mm.
  3. 味削り(Ajikezuri): Make the all bristles thinner, just like hair.
  4. 面取り(Mentori): Shave the edge each of the bristles to round off the corners.
  5. 下編み(Shitaami): Separate inner(0.4mm) and outer(0.6mm) bristles alternately with a thread.
  6. 上編み(Uwaami): To keep the shape of the Chasen, knit the inner and outer bristles twice.
  7. 仕上げ(Shiage): Arrange each of the bristles to make beautiful shape.

The entire process of growning, seasoning and making the chasen can take up to 6 years.


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