Storied Magazine Gift Set

Enjoy Volume 3; Cedar edition of Storied Magazine. This issue explores the relationship between the sacred sugi tree and Japanese culture historically and in the present.

Gif Set Includes :

  • Volume 3 : Cedar Issue
  • Japanese World Powerwoods: Yoshino Cedar Bracelet from Nara Prefecture, Japan.

About the Bracelet:

Cedar from the Yoshino forestry area in the southern part of Nara Prefecture, one of the three largest forests in Japan. The 250-year-old forest, which has been thinned from generation to generation, is a popular spot for forest bathing or Shirin-Yoku. Yoshino cedar tree planting has a long history and is said to have started about 500 years ago in the Muromachi period. Yoshino cedar was grown in a unique style called Yoshino-style, Yoshino forestry, and it is special that there are many trees planted more than 100 years ago or 200 years ago.


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