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Why Drink Reishi Spores? 

  • Hormone Balance
  • Deep Sleep
  • Immune Support
  • Feel Calm

ENRICHD Reishi Spore Powder Is Better Because:  

  • It is Sourced from Wood-Grown Reishi (for potency)
  • Cracked cell for greater bioavailability
  • Heavy metal testing on every batch
  • Ancient wisdom applied in the extraction process

How to drink: 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Reishi Spore powder mixed with warm water and drink as a lovely grounding and calming tea. You can also add to coffee or hot chocolate or add to your smoothies.

REISHI AS A TONIC HERB: Reishi is what's known as a tonic herb. Tonic herbs are herbs that promote health and healthy ageing through regular consumption.


  • Reishi Spores slightly nutty / earthy
  • Reishi fruiting body - bitter, kind of like black coffee strength. (great added to coffee or used like a coffee)
  • If you like sweet tastes, adding a little stevia or honey, nut milk and organic cacao - delicious hot choc!



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