Sanpincha - Okinawan Jasmine Tea


Jasmine tea, known as 'sanpin-cha' in Okinawa, is popular for its Jasmine fragrance and has been a mainstay of the islands since its days as the Ryukyu Kingdom hundreds of years ago. Originating with the trade between the Ryukyu Kingdom and China, the tea is an example of the mixture of Chinese and Japanese influence in the islands.

Nakazen's sanpincha jasmine tea uses only high quality tea leaves grown in China. These semi-fermented tea leaves (20% fermentation) are scented with jasmine petals.

  • Ingredients: Chinese grown tea (lightly fermented) and jasmine flower
  • Manufacturer: Nakazen Yakuso Nojo Ltd.
  • Location: Okinawa

About Nakazen: Established in 1968 originally as a farm, Nakazen Corporation was one of the first companies to manufacture tisanes using Okinawan grown products such as guava and turmeric.


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