Edonishiki Iki Incense (220 Sticks)

Edonishiki Iki incense is a Japanese incense product developed by Nippon Kodo to represent the fragrances typically associated with the Edo period in Japan from 1603 CE to 1868 CE. Also known as the Edo Tokugawa period, it was founded by Tokugawa Ieyasu and was famous for its Samurai warriors.


The incense is made from Japanese Binchō-tan charcoal, which creates less smoke when it's burned. The fragrance is an interesting mix of fruity sweet and sour, with notes of sharp cinnamon and refreshing vanilla.

  • Burn Time Per Stick: Approximately 25 Minutes
  • Length of Sticks: Approximately 140mm Long
  • Country of Origin: Japan


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