Okinawan 18 Herbs for LongeviTEA

Nakazen's 18 Herbs for Longevity blends 18 different herbs. The main ingredients are barely and job's tears making it an easy-to-drink tea. This tea also contains oolong tea and turmeric. The oolong means that there is a small amount of caffeine present in this herbal blend.

INGREDIENTS: Barley tea, job's tears, sicklepod seeds, cat's whiskers (herb), dokudami (herb), oolong tea, turmeric, guava leaves, biwa (loquat) leaves, mikan (Japanese mandarin) peels, brown rice, pine leaves, ohbako, benibana, persimmon leaves, amachazuru, sarunokoshikake (fungi), cinnamon

  • Made by: Nakazen Corporation

  • Location: Nanjo-shi, Okinawa Prefecture , Japan


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