Maistic Bio Kitchen Scrubber is perfect for cleaning pots and pans. Plastic free, so no risk of microplastic pollution!

Say goodbye to those polluting plastic scourers forever, and hello to eco-friendly cleaning! The Maistic Bio Kitchen Scrubber is efficient for all types of rough cleaning - in the kitchen and bathroom, indoors and outdoors and for all kinds of surfaces that you want to clean.

The large soft sponge side is made from pure and plastic-free wood-based cellulose. A dried loofah is handsewn onto the sponge with cotton thread. The combination of sponge and scourer sides are ideal for a firm grip and will save soap when compared to ordinary plastic scourers, as cellulose sponges hold liquids far better.

  • The Bio Kitchen Scrubber is reusable.
  • Wash it in the top drawer of your dishwasher and leave to dry. Maistic does not recommend using a washing machine as this shortens the lifespan.
  • Equivalent to 50 single-use plastic scourers.
  • Packed in a paper box.


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