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Kiroku Tea Garden: Zairai Matcha

Single Origin Ceremonial Matcha from Wazuka, Kyoto


Kiroku makes their matcha a little differently from many others by ensuring that it is a 100% pure single-origin. Each year, they harvest their farm one field at a time and never blend between fields, making use of the youngest leaf shoots from the tea bushes, which are shade-grown to allow for a sweet umami flavour to develop.

These "first picked" leaves are considered the finest quality with the richest nutrition built up over the cold winter months. After harvest, the ladies at Kiroku carefully de-stem the leaves and extract the veins to leave behind only the freshest part of the leaf for drying. These dried leaves, called tencha, are ground into a very fine, vivid powder that is our matcha.

About the Farm: Kiroku Tea Garden is run by the Hori family who has been tea farming for nearly a century. Based in Wazuka Village in southern Kyoto, an area famous for its beautiful landscape and delicious, high-quality tea leaves.

After the passing of her father several years ago, Megumi Hori left her career as a graphic designer returning to help her mother and sister continue the family farm.

  • Farm: Kiroku Tea Garden. Family Run.
  • Cultivar: Zairai
  • Notes: No pesticides, synthetic fertilizers used.
  • Region: Wazuka Village, Kyoto


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