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Tribe Skincare - Japanese Bath Powder

This unique medicinal bathing powder contains Yuzu and Green Pepper extracts alongside a pure dry extract of Senkyu.

In Japan, there is a long tradition of taking a yuzu bath or yuzuyu (柚子湯) on toji, the winter solstice. This day marks midwinter and is the shortest day of the year. As yuzu baths are typically taken during the chilly winter months, they warm the body and help to promote circulation and reduce sensitivity to cold. Yuzu baths are thought to ward off winter illnesses such as cold and flu and provide a soothing effect for those with arthritis, rheumatism and other muscle pains. Senkyu extract is known for its blood circulation promotion, its anti-inflammatory properties and is highly effective in dealing with anaemia.

Net contents: 200g


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