Itoigawa Jade Magatama from Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

Hand-painted Sakura petals with gold powder and laquer leaf on a sterling silver double chain necklace.

  • 2cm length / 1.2cm width approx
  • Itoigawa jade fom Niigata
  • Hand craved & painted
  • Necklace handmade in UK
  • Each magatama come with a JAS certificate

Jade has long been processed into magatama in Japan. Many jade items have been discovered in ancient tombs and various historical sites across the country. Jade was the symbol of power in Japan.

About Magatama: Magatama first appear in Japan in the final Jomon period c. 1000-300 BCE. They would have originally been made from fairly simple materials such as clay, slate, quartz and stone. The magatama were originally decorative jewellery, but by the end of the Kofun period, they were seen as ceremonial and religious objects.

Both the Kojiki (Japans oldest semi-historical record of myths, legends and oral traditions) & the  Nihon Shoki (book of classical Japanese history) speak of Magatama in the mythology relating to the Kami (gods) .

Amaterasu, the sun goddess, is said to have been given 500 magatama by Sunanoo (god of storms). In a rage she then bites off parts of the magatama and blows them away. These pieces flew off and created other kami.


Nihon Mieseki: All pieces in this range are considered to be "MEISEKI". These are stones produced in various parts of Japan and they have been registered as exquisite based on the guidelines prescribed by the JAS (Japan Stones Association).

Please Note: As these items are 100% natural and handmade the pattern & colour may vary slightly from the image. We always aim to get the photograph as close as we can to the original stone but there may be slight variations depending on the screen brightness/monitor etc. Thank you for your understanding.




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