Hidaka Jade from Hokkaido, Japan

Stone Meaning: Wisdom & Longevity

About the stone: Hidaka Jade was first discovered in Hidaka City, Hokkaido in 1966.

The exact minerals are chromite-diopside which develops a pale green colour thanks to the 1% of chrome it has inside. Other ingredients include spinel, as well as uvarovite and amphibole such as pectolite.

Hidaka Jade is neither jadeite nor a nephrite, it has a fibrous structure that is characteristic of jade and it is recognized that its colour and transparency are comparable to jade.

Dr Takeo Bamba (Geological Survey of Japan ) published an essay in a gemological journal and it was recognized that this stone is the "third jade" next to nephrite and jade.

Beads size 8mm

These stones are certified by the Japan Stones Association

Each bracelet comes with a JSA certificate and paulownia box.

All pieces in this range are considered to be "MEISEKI". These are stones produced in various parts of Japan and they have been registered as exquisite based on the guidelines prescribed by the JAS (Japan Stones Association).

Please Note: As these items are 100% natural the pattern & colour may vary slightly from the image. We always aim to get the photograph as close as we can to the original stone but there may be slight variations depending on the screen brightness/monitor etc. Thank you for your understanding.



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