Dokodemosora #04: Naturally Grown Wakayama Aged Japanese Black Tea

Tea farmer Dai Oizumi creates this black tea from his second flush Yabukita leaf harvest in late June. It is aged at least half a year before release.

There is only a small quantity of this tea made each year so it is only available to buy in 30g gift tins.

Naturally Grown Wakayama Japanese Black Tea

About the farmer: Dai Oizumi began his life as a farmer in 2006 seeking to live a self-sufficient lifestyle in the mountains of the Kii Peninsula, Wakayama Prefecture. Moving to the small village of Minamiōi, he began learning how to cultivate rice and vegetables from neighbouring farmers. There are only a few tea fields in the region as it is not a major tea production region, but helping out various farmers, it was the tea fields that truly inspired him.

Leasing fields from tea farmers who retired, or were too old to maintain their own fields, Oizumi-san became a dedicated tea farmer in 2012. Our current 2013 stock from him is his second year of farming, though the fields he took over from were already developed. Adhering to his love of nature, Oimizu-san farms without the use of pesticides, and only organic fertilizers, but is not yet established enough to certify his tea.

  • Farmers: Dai and Shinobu Oizumi
  • Location: Wakayama-ken, JAPAN
  • Altitude: approx 600 meters
  • Established: 2012
  • Tea plant cultivars: Primarily Yabukita
  • Farming style: Minimal pesticide use (none used 6 months before harvest), 15-year long soil development, organic and fish-based fertilizers.




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