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Yamane-en: Black Soybean Tea, Kuromamecha

Kurosengoku is a very rare black soybean cultivar. About 30 years ago, its cultivation was stopped because it required great care to cultivate. In 2001, the cultivation was started again in Hokkaido, but still, its production accounts for 0.2% in Japanese soybean production. Because the bean is much smaller than regular soybean, same weight Kurosengoku contains more skin compared to normal-sized soybean - the black skin part contains anthocyanin, isoflavone and polyphenol.

The tea has a roasted and nutty aroma with dark liquor.

Once you have used the beans to make your tea you can throw them into stirfries, rice or salt them with chilli flakes to make a delicious high protein snack.

Product Info:

  • Cultivar: Kurosengoku
  • Region: Hokkaido
  • Vendor Name: Yamane-en Tea Shop
  • Tea master: Michio Shiobara
  • Type: Family owned tea shop



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