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100% Japan grown, pesticide-free dattan sobacha (Tartary buckwheat tea)


This roasted flavour sobacha is caffeine-free and so suitable to be drunk at any time of the day. It can also be used as a salad topping!

Sobacha tea is roasted buckwheat tea. This specific sobacha is made from dattan soba 韃靼蕎麦 (tartary buckwheat, also known as bitter buckwheat) grown in the Towada City of Aomori Prefecture and contains 100 times the amount of rutin (1500mg / 100g) compared to common buckwheat.

Compared to Hokkaido-grown Dattan Sobacha, the Aomori-grown sobacha is roasted slightly longer and brings out a slightly less powerful buckwheat flavour, and has quite a creamy flavour and aroma...almost like peanut butter.


Tea Info: 

  • Ingredients: 100% Aomori-grown dattan soba
  • Tea shop: Yamane-en Tea Shop. Established approx 60 years

About the tea shop:  Yamane-en is a family-operated tea shop based near Sugamo Station in Tokyo and run by tea master Michio Shiobara. With 40 years of experience in the Japanese tea industry behind him, Shiobara-san offers unique teas sourced from small villages throughout Japan as well as a number of tisanes popular in Japan for their health benefits.


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