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Osada Tea: 2022 Shincha Spring Green Tea

Shinme no Ibuki, Ohashiri


Utilizing early budding cultivars, this is an Ohashiri - (literally "big run" in running fast to the fields to pick the leaves!). As a shincha or new tea, this is a limited edition version of Osada Tea's Shinme no Ibuki (breath of new leaves).

This green tea is processed as Fukamushi, meaning it has been deeply steamed, for a rich, fresh spring flavour.

  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Cultivar: Saemidori, tsuyuhikari, ooiwase, etc.
  • Harvest: Spring 2022
  • Region: Shizuoka
  • Fukamushi - Deep Steem processing

Steeping Notes: 5g of tea / 60 seconds / 70°C / 200ml - multiple infusions recommended. This tea is also delicious ice brewed or brewed at around 50° for sweeter flavour notes.

About the Producer: Established in 1948, Osada Tea is an award-winning producer and wholesaler of Japanese tea. They focus on organic tea production and work closely with the farmers of the Isagawa Tea Agriculture Cooperative in Haruno Village, Tenryu Region of Shizuoka.

4th generation tea master, Osada Natsumi, holds the 8th-dan rank of tea appraisal, is registered as a Japanese Tea Instructor, and was Champion of the 58th National Tea Appraisal competition.


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